To all of our clients and followers. As we all know the recent Covid-19 outbreak has had effects across multiple industries and everyone's lives. Our presence in the food industry and industries alike has deemed us an essential enterprise as dictated by NHS. We want to make sure that we not only protect all of our employees but our clients as well.

Safety and Sanitization has always been one of the pillars in our business but we are taking added recommended steps to make sure our staff and equipment are sanitized.

Our specialist team can help coordinate and strategize your needs via e-communication, SMS, or Audio Call.

In special circumstances and if you deem it necessary we will make a personal appearance as needed.

Our motto is "What Can DUKE do for you?" and we will always maintain our commitment.

We are proud to be here for you and we will get over this together. 

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What can DUKE do for you?

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority


Our Mission

Extending the life of your pump is critical to business growth and cost savings, but more importantly, DUKE is able to cater our services to your specific needs. Whether it is refurbishing an old pump, servicing, or just providing parts, filters or oil, our expertise focuses on the customer and their needs.


We provide our expertise in helping you get the most out of your vacuum pump systems. We help in identifying needs and quantifying the full capabilities of your pump systems. Our services include: general repair, free checkups, installation, assessment, maintenance, overhaul pumps and bearings distribution.


When there is a pump failure, do not hesitate to call. We can have a technician at your facility within 24-48 hours.

Located in the heart of Chicago, we are centralized nationwide and can service areas throughout the United States.

We have offices in Omaha, NE and Specialist near St. Louis, MO. 


DUKE is committed to excellence. We guarantee our work and stand by any product that we sell.

No matter the issue, let us solve it today. 


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