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Fast Service When You Need It

At Duke Vacuum Pumps, we’ve been committed to customer satisfaction since the moment we opened in 2000. Great service begins with great people, and our professional staff bring their good-nature and wealth of repair knowledge to Duke Vacuum Pumps everyday. We’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers’ experiences with us are easy, convenient, and satisfying.

We want to make sure all of our clients meet their deadlines and achieve their goals. Our Vacuum Pump Exchange program is one that is designed around cost efficiency and quick turnaround time with less hassle. 

With our exchange program all of our pumps come with an 18 month warranty so you can have peace of mind that your pump is covered by Duke. At your discretion we can handle picking up the old pump and as easy as dropping off the new pump at the same time, to your location at no additional cost. 

We want you to save time, money and have a hassle free  experience. 

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